Sumatra 72 pack


Starbucks Sumatra K-Cup 72 pack

A deliciously rich, dark coffee that lives up to the Starbucks name.The perfect solution for customers who have searched for a coffee that’s bold enough- with the richness they desire.Sumatra is an excellent, full bodied roast that delivers Starbucks quality without being overpowering. Also, it has no “burnt” quality, and is just a good cup of strong, robust coffee.


Coffee Type Dark Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor Sumatra
Brand Starbucks
Caffeine Content Fully Caffeinated
Weight 30.2 ounce


Product Description

  • 100% Arabica Coffee beans
  • Single Origin Coffee
  • Certified Orthodox Union(OU) Kosher
  • Bold, Smooth Taste that’s Distinctively Dark and Sure to Satisfy your Pallet
  • Earthy & Natural. Full-Bodied with a Smooth Mouthfeel and Lingering Natural Flavors.

Like the luxurious Indonesian island of its origin, this highly spiced coffee stands alone. Starbucks Sumatra is complete bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, lingering flavors of dried herbs and fresh earth, and nearly no acidity. Starbucks roasters love remodeling those unpredictable beans from dark coral green to tiger orange to a rich, oily mahogany, revealing ambitious flavors that lots of us cannot stay without. Coffee from Sumatra is the inspiration of Starbucks’ maximum precious blends and some thing they have got been honored to share with clients for 4 decades. Now you could experience this rich, dark roast at the push of a button together along with your Keurig K-Cup Brewer.


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